Loser – Jerry Garcia’s Solo from Dead Set

This lesson looks at Jerry Garcia's guitar solo on "Loser" from the double album "Dead Set".

By request, this lesson focuses on Jerry Garcia's 16 bar solo over the Grateful Dead standard "Loser" as heard on the album "Dead Set".


Click below to download the complete transcription.

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  • Tom says:

    Great request – I love this tune and how lyrical Jerrys solo can be and this is a great example of that.
    So melodic
    Bending strings has always been a challenge for me and this lesson has some great insights on how to bend w purpose and keep the melody going – Jerry is such a master of phrasing and he makes it seem effortless !
    Thanks for taking the time to transcribe this and for the tab
    – td

  • btwind13 says:

    Hey, I really like your lessons!!! Its nice to finally have someone breakdown classic live performances!!!

  • Mike says:

    First time on your site. You are really awesome guitar player. Looking to learn some Jerry solos you are the man. Thanks for sharing your knowledge ,skills and taking the time to tab the solos .

  • Eric Odens says:

    Thank you for both the lesson and the depth in the theory – it brings it all together for me far better than I could by reading alone.

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