Weather Report Suite (Prelude)

Weather Report Suite (Prelude)

Weather Report Suite Prelude was first performed by the Grateful Dead in November 1972. It was played about 50 times before being dropped from the repertoire in October 1974. For most of these performances (from September 1973 onward) WRS Prelude was the first part of the sequence WRS Prelude > WRS Part 1 > Let It Grow.

The Prelude debuted in November 1972, originally as a separate piece from its eventual companions. The Dead played it, according to DeadBase, four more times in the spring of 1973 before it was first matched up with Weather Report Suite Parts 1 & 2, in September of that year. It was played regularly through October of 1974, and then dropped from the repertoire. The instrumental “Prelude” was composed by Bob Weir.

Bob Weir Lesson

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