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As a self-taught player myself, I know how hard it can be to wade through the endless instruction available these days, and how to become a more well-rounded player. Learn to play like your favorite players. Not only will I teach you the how, but I also teach you the why.

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October 14, 2020


October 4, 2020


May 20, 2019


About Me.

Craig Acree is a guitarist, transcriber, and educator that lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began the Youtube channel Weeping Willow Guitar Lessons, and the Weeping Willow Guitar website to share both his love of music and his favorites players. 

They Say

Thank you so much for your videos! I've been playing guitar a lot more since I found your channel, and it has improved my soloing ability a lot

Dude. Great job. Always impressed with how much effort you put into these lessons!

I don't know of any way you could have done a better job. Best instructional video I've ever seen for learning a lead. This is awesome squared!

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